Areas Of Focus

Sustainable Livelihoods and Rights Based Approaches

These approaches emphasize issues of social exclusion and empowerment. When combined, the two are used in assessments and evaluations of programmes.  For instance, Acacia helped to pioneer the Drought Cycle Management Model and finds that this is particularly useful in analysis of the livelihoods of drylands communities.

Natural Resource Management

Acacia has considerable experience in developing frameworks for sustainable community based natural resource management projects in areas such as strengthening soil and water conservation, formulation of forestry and bio-diversity conservation programmes, land management, and understanding wildlife/livestock interaction relationships in African rangelands.

Social and Organisational Development

Acacia has extensive expertise in the development, implementation and management of institutional strengthening initiatives, community development, health and education/ training.

Small and Medium Enterprise and Trade

Small and Medium Enterprise is increasingly becoming important in the creation of employment and reduction of poverty. Acacia over the years has continued to support this important industry through providing technical advice and support in areas such as; information dissemination, business planning, market access, appropriate technologies, product development, business management, and financial and business services.

New Branch Office
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