Sevices Provided

Programme and Project Design          

Acacia offers a full range of programme/project management services from small community based development projects to large scale relief programmes to supporting implementing teams.  Acacia has designed new projects/programmes, refocused existing projects/ programmes and documented lessons learnt.


Policy Formulation     

Acacia has extensive experience in formulating policy papers especially in the areas of agriculture and livestock production, rural development, food security, disaster management and food aid management and related institutional structures.  For example, Acacia has been instrumental in the development of Kenya Government’s disaster and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL) policies and the disaster and refugee policies of the Government of Uganda.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is a key element of project management and Acacia has the expertise to review and assess projects and programmes throughout the project cycle.  Acacia’s strength under this service lie in: baseline surveys, all types of evaluations which include: midterm evaluations, end of project evaluations, impact assessments, reviews, rapid assessments snapshot evaluations, participatory evaluations and development of monitoring frameworks.


Training and Facilitation


Acacia has a cadre of professional and experienced facilitators and trainers in a number of areas.


Applied Research


Acacia has conducted numerous qualitative and quantitative research studies in food security, conflict management, pastoralism and natural resource management


Financial Services


Acacia offers a variety of financial services including programme audits, design of financial systems and has expertise and experience both in fiscal as well as non-government programmes and projects.




Acacia offers a full range of administrative and financial management services in support of technical assignments. This includes the control, management and reporting of the use of funds, the establishment of budget control systems to ensure accountability and transparency in expenditure, recruitment, placement and management of personnel, logistical services and support to field teams, quality assurance and backstopping, contract management and all associated administration and liaison.




Acacia has permanent employees and a large pool of long term local and international associate consultants giving the company an extensive breadth of experience working in rural development. This blend of national and international professionals has enabled Acacia to tap a diverse pool of experiences and best practices from all over the world.

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