Company Profile:

Founded in 1995, Acacia Consultants Ltd. is a consultancy company that specializes in providing technical assistance and advice in the areas of livelihoods and food security, natural resource management, social development and conflict and disaster management. Acacia has extensive experience in these areas and has provided services to development agents including: governments, bilateral and multi-lateral agencies, non-governmental organizations, research bodies, regional authorities and community based organizations. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Acacia operates in East Africa and the Horn and occasionally beyond. 

Acacia has established both local and international links with various academic and research groups. Among them are; Agri-Consulting Europe S.A, Brussels; Landell Mills, UK; and Vetworks UK, EPRD - Office for Economic Policy & Regional Development, Ramboll and GOPA under International category and Nareda consultants; Rural Focus, Intermedia , Cardno Agrisystems, under local category. Through these and other partnerships Acacia is able to contribute to wider policy discussions on the current natural resource management and relief and development issues, which enable the exchange of ideas, lessons learnt and best practices.

Poverty reduced in the Greater Horn of Africa through empowered communities sustainably achieving their livelihood goals.

To provide clients and partners with independent and high quality consultancy services in order to enhance the capacities of marginalised women and men to exploit appropriate technologies and to secure their basic rights.

Integrity: We will be honest and transparent with clients, associates and other partners so that we can enhance good business practice and standards through our work.

Quality: We will undertake appropriate consultant vetting for all contracts and ensure sufficient peer review to guarantee high quality outputs. We will only place consultants in assignments where the consultant’s qualifications, skills, experience and competence matches the requirements of the contract.

Trust: We pledge to establish good and trusted relationships with clients and consultants through effective communication and interaction and we will maintain confidentiality in our dealings with them.

Efficiency: We will maintain efficient systems to ensure cost effectiveness in our operations.

Rights based: We believe in the right of every individual regardless of social position, race, gender, religion and ethnicity to live in a world free from poverty and the responsibility of every individual to promote such a world for current and future generations.

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